Esp8266 WiFi shield | درع واي فاي

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Easy to use without any ESP8266 configuration knowledge

10 support PWM / interrupt / serial / I2C scalable GPIO

Compatible with UNO R3 configuration, calling syntax

Custom firmware can be updated via uno R3 update board

No USB to TTL converter required

One-click access to the brush-on mode without any wiring


1. Fully compatible with Ard Uno, Mega, etc. using standard pin interface spacing. (unless the standard size Ard, such as Nano, Mini)

2. Using advanced 3.3V power chip (same as the power chip of the official CC3000 expansion board), the 3.3V provided in the Ard board is more accurate, so that the ESP8266 works as the official cc3000 chip, no gap.

3. Lead a WiFi module power/service interface to facilitate developers to expand power and maintenance.

4. Onboard ESP8266-12 industrial grade stable serial WiFi module, using enhanced PCB antenna, the signal is better.

5. Quickly switch the operation mode (such as operation mode and upgrade mode) of ESP8266-12 industrial grade stable WiFi module through DIP switch, integrate serial port chip, and quickly write firmware.

6. Built-in 5V to 3.3V TTL level shifter to prevent high voltage Ard TTL level from causing damage to the WiFi module. (General modules are not available)

7. The onboard ESP8266-12 industrial grade stable WiFi module has a metal shield and is highly resistant to interference.

8. Lead out all the interfaces of the onboard ESP8266-12 industrial grade stable WiFi module at standard spacing, which is convenient for developers to develop in depth.

9. Provide the Ard library of the ESP8266-12 industrial-grade stable WiFi module written by this station, which can be controlled by very simple instructions and provide routines.

10. With a stackable design, you can continue to add other modules on top for easy use.

12. The onboard 4 LEDs show the status of the ESP8266, which are PWR, DFU, AP, STA, and the operation mode is clear at a glance.

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  • 80 ر.س 50 ر.س
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